United. Misunderstood. Divided?

A look at our common country

30 years after German Reunification, the Bautzner Strasse Dresden Memorial takes a look at everyday experiences in East and West Germany before 1990. It also highlights the challenges and successes of the Peaceful Revolution and the changes in the system, especially for the citizens of the New Federal States.

In the past months, eyewitness interviews have been conducted and processed. These are now part of the permanent exhibition at the Bautzner Strasse Dresden Memorial. Visitors can also access them on their smartphones in the exhibition area. What memories of the GDR and the “Old Federal Republic” remain? How strongly have the changes to the system influenced one's own biography? With what feelings and evaluations do we view the German Unification? People from both East and West have their say, including those who experienced the historical turning point, the “Wende”, as adults, as well as younger people who know the divided Germany only from descriptions.

One of the issues of the exhibition is the dialogue with the populace of the state capital and its guests. The Memorial staff have taken this literally. Thus, visitors to the exhibition also learn about the experiences of the Memorial staff regarding the process of the German unification. The view is therefore quite varied and very personal. But above all, we are looking forward to your opinion! We invite you to answer our questions online, to give us your opinion or to pose your own questions. Please use our website at www.denk-maldresden.de. As a thank you will receive a free entry ticket for the Bautzner Strasse Dresden Memorial at the end of the questionnaire. What moves us when we look back on our common German history? How do we want to shape our future? The answers will be many and multifaceted. But surely there are common memories and wishes for the future.